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Life in a Chastity Belt

Erotic Pain

Erotic Pain

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Another day and no outward physical problems associated with wearing the belt. I may quit reporting on that aspect unless something alarming comes up.  Very comfortable and I can still do my daily walk.


I must quit going to my favorite porn site.  It only gets me wound up and frustrated causing me to wriggle around in my belt in desperation.  After a download session it is difficult to concentrate on much else and I end up getting slimy.


Last night was very erotic for me.  Several days ago I dug out the web cam and got it working with the new operating system and computer.  I was playing around with it on YM and kept flasing the belt to my audience.  Some people are very intrigued with the concept and some turn away rather quickly.  I usually end up answering questions about it for those who stick around.  I took a break to watch the Idol show finale and when I returned to the YM I noticed that my KH was online!   I was thrilled and eager to start up a real time dialog.   After being instructed to open the web cam for viewing I had to show the locked belt and was asked if I had a ruler.  Being not so quick to catch on I held up a cloth seamstress tape.  No!  A ruler that could be used to rap someone’s knuckles – in my case 5 swats to each testicle.   Quick rummaging did not produce a ruler and I asked if a large watercolor brush could be substituted.  Yes – and I proceeded to swat each one five times while demonstrating the fact on the camera.  Each stroke caused a sharp pain and after a total of ten hits my balls were stinging, swollen and red.  Ouch. Then I was told there was something else in store for me and I would find out later.  My KH then went offline and the odd thing about the experience was the fact that the pain had been very erotic and I was surprised that I was super turned on for the rest of the evening and into the night.

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